Fancy a life on the open road? ARR Craib driver Ian Brown shares his passion for a life behind the wheel | ARRCRAIB

Fancy a life on the open road? ARR Craib driver Ian Brown shares his passion for a life behind the wheel


How does this sound for a dream job? Travel the length and breadth of the country; meet new people every day; receive continual professional development; structure your own working day; work in a challenging and diverse sector?

It’s not a bad deal, but few people would think that if they want a career that really is going places they should consider getting behind the wheel of a large goods vehicle.

Ian Brown has been a lorry driver for seven years, three of which have been spent with ARR Craib Transport Ltd. 

Like all LGV drivers, Ian had to complete the compulsory HGV Class 2 certification, followed by the Class 1 certification, before being allowed out on the open road and hasn’t looked back since.

Ian says that it has turned out to be something of a dream job. He adds, “Once I’m out on the road, I love it. It gives me the time to think, relax and listen to music. There’s a real independence that comes from driving an LGV and I don’t think many other jobs would give such freedom.

“I certainly don’t find driving lonely, as I’m always meeting people when I drop off and pick up a load, and the radio keeps me company during the longer journeys. I actually find driving quite relaxing, even when I’m under pressure to meet tight deadlines and having to battle through traffic.

“We are given the independence to manage our own working hours in accordance with current working time directives, so driving is also a very flexible career option.”

To ensure they are up to the job of ensuring the wheels of the UK’s industry keeps turning by transporting everything from food to construction materials, ARR Craib’s team of drivers undergo continuous training courses to enhance their skills.

Ian adds, “ARR Craib is a great company to work for as there are so many opportunities to update skills and attend training courses – something that’s so important in our line of work. We are trained in everything from transporting hazardous goods to fuel efficient driving, and many of the courses count towards the Driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence and SVQs.”

ARR Craib was the first transport company in Scotland to implement an induction programme for new drivers, along with a driver safety handbook. The firm has a team of over 300 drivers – some of whom have been with the company for over 30 years.

Chief executive officer Eddie Anderson – who started his career in the transport sector as a delivery driver during his teenage years - says the transport industry is suffering from a dearth of skilled drivers.

“The industry doesn’t seem to appeal to young people and perhaps that is because people feel that it’s more of a job than a career path. The reality is that lorry driving is a highly skilled profession with real opportunities to progress and gain qualifications. The job is both challenging and rewarding, and it can also be very well paid,” he explains.

“We do a lot of training in-house as well as externally and our team of drivers have been instrumental in helping the company achieve fantastic results from a vehicle telematics system that we introduced last year.

“They have utilised the system to its full abilities to reduce unnecessary road miles and improve fuel consumption rates, and this has benefits for the environment as well as the company.

“The drivers are to be commended on the way they have responded and embraced a programme of training: within a matter of months they had reduced the amount of vehicle idling time by 90% and had significantly improved the average miles per gallon.”